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MOEST: Scholarships To Study At The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

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Call for Applications
The General Public is hereby informed that, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria has granted a Scholarship programme to eligible Tanzanian Nationals to pursue Undergraduate studies at Universities in Algeria for the academic year 2019/2020 in the following field categories:

Category A. Higher Education
  • Medicine;
  • Technical Sciences;
  • Science of Matter;
  • Mathematics and Computer;
  • French;
  • Science of Nature and Life; and
  • Earth Science and the Universe.
Category B. Religious Affairs and Academic
  • Imam preacher and/or Quran teacher;
  • Bachelor degree (Licence) in Imamat.
Application Requirements
  • Must have completed Advanced Secondary School or Diploma in 2017-2018;
  • Will be not more than 25 years of age by October, 2019;
  • Medical Examination Certificate from a Public Hospital;
  • Have a good knowledge of the Holy Quran for Imam Preacher/or Koran teacher applicants;
  • Have a good knowledge of the Holy Quran for Bachelor degree in Imamat applicants.
Application Package 
Certified copies of;
  • Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE);
  • Certificate of Advanced Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) or Diploma Certificates (Academic Certificates and Transcripts);
  • Birth Certificates;
  • Application letter (with your contacts; telephone number and email address); and
  • Medical Examination Certified by a Public Hospital;
  • Selected applicants will undergo one year for French language before commencing undergraduate degree studies.
  • There is no Loan or grant from the Goverment of Tanzania for candidates who will be offered this Scholarship.

Mode of Application

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